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Securing Your Home Before a Trip

Whether you’re traveling for a two-day business conference or a week vacation, youwant to be sure your home is secure.  Makesure it is safe from vandalism, break-ins, and property disasters while you are gone.

Follow these home security tips:

You should make your home look lived in even when you’re not there.

  1. Place a hold on mail, newspaper, and other deliveries while you’re gone.
  2. Have a neighbor park in your driveway; making your home look occupied.
  3. Install timers on various lights around your home to go on randomly, so it looks like someone is there. Your local home improvement store has timer options.
  4. Hire lawn care or arrange for snow to be shoveled/removed.
  5. Put motion detectors on your outside lights, which are triggered when someone is inside the range of the sensor.  (Great even if you are at home!)

Law enforcement has great ideas on home security when you travel.

Join or start a neighborhood watch group.

  1. Keep your valuables secured in a safe deposit box. These include you will, expensive jewelry, cash, and other things that can be easily stolen and sold.
  2. Never leave a ‘hidden’ or ‘emergency’ key outside your home. Those are too easy to find and give a would-be thief very easy access. If you need an alternate way to get in, try a lock box or leave a key with someone you trust.
  3. Install an alarm system if you can. Law enforcement experts have indicated that homes without security systems are three times as likely to be burglarizes as those with one.  (Homeowner’s policy may give you a discount once installed).